We build complex marketing strategies rooted in a 5-step program that will guide your potential customers through your tailored sales funnel. This will provide your sales team with more leads to help sell your property quicker.

1. Understanding You and Your Competitive Market

Each project starts with a in-depth understanding of your development, it’s unique selling points, your previous marketing activities and your sales objectives. We also get a good understanding of who your competitors are and how they are advertising their properties.

Our deliverables will include:
– Comprehensive website audit
– Competitor analysis
– Marketing collateral overview & analysis

2. Understanding the Buyers

The next crucial part of the process is to build your buyer personas and get a better understanding of your potential customers. Who are they, how much they earn, their interests, their purchase behaviour, and how they spend their time online. This enables us to ensure that our marketing messages and tactics are relevant to the people who we are trying to reach, which will enable us to better convince your buyers and increase your leads.

Our deliverables will include:
– Customer analysis
– Creation of Audience Persona
– Defining USPs
– Positioning of USPs for tailored audience

3. Develop a marketing strategy

Now that we have a clear understanding of your development and what it can offer potential buyers. We use the insights captured in the first two stages to create a marketing strategy that not only communicates your value propositions to your target audiences but deliver these messages in a way that will convince your target audience to move through your sales funnel at a quicker rate.

Our deliverables will include:
– Develop your Digital Marketing Strategy
– Build your Content Strategy
– Implement Social Media Presence
– Set-Up your Facebook Tracking Pixel
– Set-Up Google Analytics
– Create your Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

4. Implementing the Activities

Once we get your website set up for the best possible user experience, we will start our digital marketing activities. All activities will fit in line with our Sales Funnel/ Conversion Funnel.

A. Increase Brand Awareness
B. Deliver Messages to convince your potential buyers to choose you
C. Capture high quality leads and deliver them to your sales team

5. Analysis and improving

All Digital Marketing activities are easily measurable. This allows us to immediately analyse our current marketing activities, see what works and what did not work. With this information, we can immediately optimise the marketing activities to ensure that we are spending money on the channels that drive the best results. This helps us increase leads at cheaper costs, which will enable your sales team to convert solid leads.

Our deliverables will include:
– Weekly Performance Meetings
– Monthly Analytical Reporting
– Stop, To Start, To Continue Analysis