Real Estate Agents Referral Scheme

Real Estate Agents

Let’s face it; Real Estate Agents are the key to the property industry. Without the knowledge and charisma of Real Estate Agents, sales would take much longer to close.

That’s why we have created a Referral Programme specifically for Estate Agents looking to earn more commission or who think the property developers they are working with could do with a little extra marketing for their properties.

If you know of a property developer who needs help marketing their property and generating leads, all you need to do is give them an idea of what Pather-Friend Digital can do for them:

  • Implement a website audit to to help provide as much information on the property as possible and give the best advice for a user-friendly website.
  • Setting up ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram to generate awareness for the development, highlight specifications unique to the property and entice prospects to book a viewing.
  • Increase leads by tracking any person who lands on the property website and continuously serve them ads across different digital platforms to drive them to book a viewing. (The property developer will probably send these leads your way).
  • Weekly e-mailers sent out to prospects to remind them of incentives and new information about the property.

Once you let your property developer know these aspects of our marketing, we start with an audit then dive specifically into implementing a tailored marketing strategy. When a retainer is signed, you receive 30% of the first month’s fee up to £2500.

It’s that simple! If you’re unsure of the process or would like more information, get in touch- or fill out your details below.

Let’s get some extra Pounds into your pockets!