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How Digital Marketing Can Help You Advertise Your Developments

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all online marketing efforts. Essentially, any advert that is displayed on a device that is connected to the internet, can be considered as Digital Marketing.

The purpose of Digital Marketing?

Traditionally, property developers have relied solely on sales agents to advertise their properties through their website, shop window and property search engines, i.e. Zoopla and Rightmove.

While we highly recommend that you still do this, savvy property developers are coming to realise that if they set up their own digital marketing activities, they can generate more leads for the sales team, which results in their developments selling out quicker! If a sale comes from one of your leads, you might even be able to negotiate a better deal with the sales team to pay less commission.

More leads + More Sales + Reduced Commission Fee = a No Brainer!

The Main Channels

While there are many different digital marketing tools and channels, there are 4 channels that you will need to start off with:

A Website for your development
o We suggest having a dedicated website for your development, which acts as your 24/7 online salesman. The website should be full of information about your development and specifications. It should also list the availability and pricing of your remaining units. Most importantly, it should allow website visitors to make viewings and enquiries.

Paid Social Media Ads
o Now that you have a website set up, we suggest that you use paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness about your development and help drive potential buyers to your website.

Google Search
o The next component to your integrated marketing approach is to set up Ads on Google. Which will give you the ability to advertise your development when people search for terms/words that indicate that they are looking to buy a home in your area. This is where we generally see the highest quality leads come from.

o Once you start generating enquiries and bookings, you will then be able to build your email marketing list which you can use to send out offers and other important information about your development that will convince them to purchase an apartment from you.

By using these main digital marketing channels together in an integrated digital marketing approach, property developers are able to deliver messages about their development to potential buyers, which helps increase brand awareness, drives consideration and delivers high-quality leads.

Benefits of using Digital Marketing

Since its inception, the popularity and capabilities of Digital Marketing have increased at a rapid rate. In just 20 years after the first smartphone connected to the internet, Digital Advertising Spend has out-weighed traditional ad spend advertising, which is testament to its power. Here are the main benefits of digital marketing:

– It allows you to advertise to potential buyers based on their physical, demographic and online behaviours.
– There are no large upfront costs to get started with digital marketing (But the bigger your budget, the better results you are likely to see in return)
– It’s easily adaptable. It gives advertisers the ability to change the wording or images in your adverts in just a few minutes, which gives you the ability to ensure that all marketing messages are relevant and up to date
– It allows you to reach your customers where they spend a lot of their time
– Most importantly, all digital marketing is measurable. This allows you to determine which marketing activities are performing the best and which channels are performing the worst. You can then make data backed changes to your marketing campaigns, which enables you to continuously improve your results and achieve leads at a lower cost.

How does digital marketing work to generate leads?

Buying a home is a massive decision for homebuyers and this means that they don’t just see one advert and decide that they are ready to buy your house. Over a long period of time, you need to convince them that your development is better than their other choices.

The brilliant thing about digital marketing, is that it allows advertisers to personalise the marketing messages that they deliver to potential buyers based on their position in the sales funnel. By doing this, we make the customer feel like we are talking directly to them. It allows us to not only build a connection but also gives us the privilege of holding their attention

Ready to get started?

If the above intrigues you and you would like to learn more about how Digital Marketing can help you to achieve your goal of selling your apartments, whether that’s off-plan or after launch date then check out our helpful blog section. It is absolutely filled with advice, tips and answers to some questions that you might have. Otherwise, give us a call on 079 3342 5452 or click the button below, we’d happy to answer any questions, that you haven’t found the answer too.

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